How to Find the right Cross Border Tax Specialist

Taxation can be one of the very stressful and complicated part of moving to another country. Fortunately, for some circumstances for the US and Canada residents, there is the Canada-United States Tax Convention agreed upon in 1980. The taxes treaty between the two neighboring countries is to prevent double taxation of their citizens who live and work to the country next-door. For example, Canadian residents that have income from the United Says take advantage of this tax treaty. They should know the guidelines for filing taxes and how to lessen their withholding taxes in the US

Filing US Taxes From Canada
Filing US Taxes From Canada

The duty treaty also aims to provide relief from taxation in both US and Canadian citizens. Canadian and US residents are taxed on their world income. Both record their foreign income no matter where they document a tax return, whether Canada or in the United States. Because of the treaty, Canadians may pay the US tax on the US income to the Interior Revenue Service (IRS) without having to pay again to the Canada Income Agency (CRA).

Those who need to file cross border tax Canada-US may find their predicament complicated. That is the reason why they need cross-border taxes specialist. A cross-border taxes specialist will guide you through the minefield of double taxation. Ensuring you only pay the legal requirements is taken treatment of with a cross-border tax specialist.

Choosing the best cross-border tax specialist is important. Here’s a few tips you really should consider:

  1. Professional in income tax estate-planning issues faced by specific American and Canadian expatriates surviving in their neighborhood country.
  1. Offers corporate duty services to businesses starting cross-border branches.
  1. Offers you consultation services to those who want to open up businesses in the Circumstance US or Canada.
  1. Gives advice on enterprise structure for corporations, close ties and sole proprietorships shifting from country to another.
  1. Provides confidential services to lawyers, accounting organizations, and other financial pros who can gain from their international tax expertise.
  1. Compliant to statutory requirements and rules of law.
  1. Helps in assessing the factors that are important in filing your income taxes.
  1. Works toward finding a solution that goes your specific needs.

Even though your neighbor or an associate structured their property title one of the ways, does not indicate that it can work for you too. Data of taxes should suit every individual. Obtaining the services of an experienced cross border tax specialist is well worth every cent. It makes life easier for you.


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